Stay Fit at Home. Avoid the Health Risk of Gyms.

On the left a black and white image of an empty gym and on the right a color image of a woman in a lunge position exercising with a Gorilla Bow beside green trees.

Things are stressful these days and for those of us that understand that happiness and physical health go hand in hand, not being able to get to the gym is making our stress even worse. Even as shelter-in-place orders begin to relax across the country many gyms still won’t open their doors and even if they do, many of us don’t want to take the risk of contracting Covid-19 by being in close and sweaty quarters at the gym.

But we’re not quitters. We won’t give up our physical and mental health simply because we can’t, or don’t want to, get to a gym. It’s time to get motivated. Open your mind to new ways and places to stay fit; AND GET AT IT!

As one of the best home gym equipment pieces available, Gorilla Bow is gives you the total body workout you crave without the need for a lot of space or cost. You can stay fit at home and avoid the health risk of gyms.

Gorilla Bow – Your Home Gym

While we didn’t know about the coronavirus when we invented the Gorilla Bow, we did design it to give everyone dedicated to their personal fitness the ability to conveniently get an intense total body workout at home; and get it at a reasonable cost. Using the Gorilla Bow, you get the total body workout you need to tone, tighten and/or build your body. Using our innovative resistance training technology that trains you hard but doesn’t strain your joints you can see results faster because your joints don’t have to do as much recovery as they might have from using weights.

Your workouts are fully customizable with a set of resistance bands that let you easily choose from 10-pounds of resistance to over 300-pounds just by changing light-weight resistance bands. By simply changing the resistance bands, the Gorilla Bow’s ergonomic design gives you all the resistance and strength training you crave without the bulk of weights or the potential damage to your joints and muscles.

Strength Training the Right Way

Strength training is in vogue right now because you can use it to bulk up or get toned and strong – it all depends on how much weight you use. But strength training can be dangerous when done with old school weights and equipment. Weight racks and Olympic lifting bars require careful technique in order to be used safely. But even when you do it properly, the pressure and impact on your joints can be painful and require long periods of recovery.

We’ve all heard the saying “No pain, no gain!”. Well, there is smart pain and dumb pain. Stressing your muscles and connective tissue to the point of a good “burn” is smart pain. Crushing and twisting your joints in the process is dumb pain. With resistance training you save your joints and put more energy into working your muscles for the smart pain.

The Resistance Training Difference

Gorilla Bow is ultra-lightweight but can pack the punch of a weight set at the gym. Because of the bow-like design, you’re much less likely to hurt yourself during your strength training sessions because the resistance provides a more fluid motion.

As you can see, the movements you get from the Gorilla Bow are far more fluid and joint friendly than any you would see on a standard lifting set. The jerky movements and frequent weight fluctuations from weights have negative effects on your body that lead to post-workout pain and soreness.

You Can Have It All from Your Home Gym Workouts!

There is no shortage of ways to get the fitness training you’re looking for at home with the Gorilla Bow. Here are just of few of the exercise you can do with the Gorilla Bow to get and keep the fitness you want:

Start Your Day with GB Good Mornings

Build muscle and increase flexibility with GB Lunges

Train and Tone Your Upper Body with GB Rows

You never have to decide where or when you get your workout in again! From any open space in your home; to a safe social distance outdoors, you can use Gorilla Bow anywhere and stay fit.

Click here and find the Gorilla Bow that’s right for you. If you want help meeting your fitness goals with one-on-one personal training with a certified trainer click here.