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Fit an entire gym's worth of equipment into any sized space. the GORILLA BOW gives you the flexibility of a complete full body workout, from the comfort of your living room.

Achieve the body of your dreams without ever having to leave the house!



Gorilla Bow resistance bands provide continious tension throughout the full range of motion.

The bow can handle up to 300lbs of tension, granting a rigorous training tool for even the most experienced lifter. The Gorilla Bow is the real deal.

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I have been a personal trainer/ athlete. As I age I have moved more towards band type workouts and I knew this would fit the bill for me. It actually has exceeded my expectations and the classes are very well put together.

Clayton W.

The membership really makes the system work, at least if you're like me. The Gorilla Bow itself is a solid piece of kit, but you actually have to plan how you're going to use it, what exercises you want to do, etc. That's where I typically fail. The membership makes it easy--sort by length or trainer or body part, pick your workout, and go. It's really made my use of the bow become a regular part of my routine.

Byron B.

Bought a few exercise aids before buying the Gorilla bow and the bow is by far the best. Lots of fun to use with a lot of different bands to alter the resistance. At first you will think the band isn't going to stretch that far but they do. There are also a lot of exercise programs you can follow, I am a pensioner and it is still suitable for me to exercise with, 10 minutes a day is enough to keep you going and you can increase time as you progress.

Leslie W D.

I travel 4 to 8 months a year, and staying in shape can be super challenging. It’s difficult to find consistent resources to support your routine, so maintaining a consistent workout was hard, until I discovered the Gorilla Travel Bow. That changed everything. Now my routines and gear are consistent anytime, anywhere, and the results are excellent. Thanks for an excellent, innovative product.

Robert B.

Been using the now solidly and consistently for just over a year now. It’s Absolutely awesome. We don’t have a lot of room to workout and I truly don’t have the time in my schedule to come up with the workouts, so the bow absolutely fits and exceeds our needs.

Bob D.


Gorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Travel
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A man exercising with Gorilla Bow Travel
A man exercising with Gorilla Bow Travel
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Gorilla Bow Travel

Gorilla Bow Travel

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Collapsible, ultra-portable and light, Gorilla Bow Travel delivers a total-body workout at home, in the office or on the road. Gorilla Bow Travel is precision-machined using aircraft-grade aluminum, and features stainless steel push button spring locks for secure assembly and easy disassembly. The Gorilla Bow Travel weighs only 5.6 lbs. and disassembles into three 21-inch sections. When assembled the bow measures 56 inches in length has a capacity of up to 350lbs. of tension. It’s the ideal travel workout equipment designed to fit in your backpack or carry-on making it easy to take your workout with you or store your bow in small places at home.When deciding what portable workout equipment bundle to choose from, the Base Bundle comes ready to use right away with 4 specially designed high-durability Gorilla Bands that give you up to 110lbs. of tension.You'll also get a free trial of live & on-demand classes with Gorilla Bow All-Access Membership. Check your email post-purchase and download the Gorilla Bow app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.