Introducing the Gorilla Bow Lite: Smaller, Lighter Design for Toning and Fat Burning

Introducing the Gorilla Bow Lite: Smaller, Lighter Design for Toning and Fat Burning

With the original Gorilla Bow, we introduced the world to our first full-body resistance training program and alternative to free weights that you can take anywhere. Now, we’re excited to release the NEW Gorilla Bow Lite—a smaller version of the Gorilla Bow that is lighter, easier to use, and perfect for those who want to tone, tighten, and get back into shape without a fuss. 

Is the Gorilla Bow Lite right for you? We say chances point to “yes!”—but you can see for yourself below. Read on for everything you need to know about its details and benefits.

Less Size and Weight Than the Gorilla Bow Original 

When you pick up your Gorilla Bow Lite for the first time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how weightless it feels in your hands. The bow of the Gorilla Bow Lite:

  • Is a total 47 inches in length (nine inches shorter than original Bow)
  • Has a diameter of one inch (.5 inch smaller than original Bow)
  • Handles two bands (compared with four for the original Bow)
  • Provides up to 120 pounds in resistance, staring at 60 pounds with the basic bundle (compared with 300 pounds for the original Bow)

Those who don’t need the entire weight and size capacity of the original Gorilla Bow will love the smaller specifications of the Lite. There’s no extra bulk and less equipment, so it’s easier to handle as you switch between workouts.

Gorilla Bow Lite Bundles

There are three bundle options for the Gorilla Bow Lite. The basic bundle comes with:

  • The Lite Bow itself
  • Three new, specially-designed bands (10 pounds, 20 pounds, and 30 pounds)
  • Band wrap
  • Band-carrying bag

6 Reasons You Need the Gorilla Bow Lite in Your Life

The Gorilla Bow Lite has various advantages for your long-term health. The key to good fitness habits is consistency, which means you need a program you can stick with over time. The Bow Lite makes it easy to jump into regular, consistent workouts that provide real benefits—both now and for many years to come.

As you’ll see below, the Gorilla Bow Lite wins out over traditional forms of strength training in many ways, including being easier on your body and promoting better form during workouts.

1. Perfect for Toning and Getting Back Into Shape

Been busy and unable to keep up with regular workouts? Maybe you feel you’ve “fallen off the wagon” completely lately. Or, maybe you’re looking for something new to help you tone and tighten.

No matter your situation, the Gorilla Bow Lite can help you get back into shape—any time, anywhere. Its smaller design is perfect for new exercisers, seasoned cardio junkies, lifters, or anyone else who wants to focus on muscle tone and fat burning. 

Think high-rep, high-intensity total body workouts without needing to step foot in a gym, grab a single free weight, or hassle with bulky gym equipment.

2. Prevents “Cheating” for Better Form

“Cheating” means loosening your form or using momentum to perform the exercise, rather than maintaining form and engaging the correct muscles. This can prevent you from getting the full benefit of the movement, and most concerning, can lead to serious injury.

Unlike free weights or weight machines, the Gorilla Bow Lite provides elastic resistance that does not allow cheating during reps. Resistance from the Bow Lite is created from the stretching of its bands, not from the mass of the equipment. That means you can only continue each rep, and continue stretching the elastic, by using more muscle fibers.

No cheating allowed with the Gorilla Bow—which means more muscle engagement and less chance of injury. 

3. Ideal in Physical Therapy or Rehab Settings

The Gorilla Bow Lite’s lighter design and use of resistance bands can be a beneficial tool for those who are going through physical therapy or rehabilitation. Rehab exercises, even when done with the help of a physical therapist, must be performed carefully to prevent further injury.

The Lite’s resistance bands can be used to work certain muscles in a low-impact way that does not create added strain. That’s not all, though—the bands can work other body areas in the process, promoting blood circulation to assist a speedier recovery.

Resistance bands like those on the Gorilla Bow Lite are used frequently in medical and sports situations like:

  • Physical therapy from sports injuries like runner’s knee, tennis elbow, dislocated shoulders, and post-ACL repairs
  • Sports training and coaching
  • Occupational therapy
  • Orthopedic settings, such as in overuse injuries, sprains, and fractures

When a sports- or training-related injury occurs, there are typically three stages of physical therapy:

    1. Light, gentle (not rushed) exercises that ensure damaged tissues begin to heal correctly.
    2. Gradual-strain exercises that begin to challenge the injured body part and develop strength for daily activities.
    3. Functional exercises that stress the tissue and begin to adapt into regular sports activity.

Resistance bands are often used during the second stage, as they are low-impact enough to begin challenging the tissues without a high risk of re-injury.

4. Less Risk of Strains and Injuries

In any situation, strength and resistance training are vital for a healthy body. Under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service Physical Activity Guidelines, resistance training with elastic bands is included as one of the muscle-strengthening activities listed for improving health.

Compared with traditional weight training, resistance bands are lighter and do not pull you towards the floor as you use them. This can reduce the risk of getting injured or straining muscles as you perform each exercise and rep. 

In addition, bands can build strength in your muscles, joints, and bones through various exercises. You can more easily control and target areas you want to strengthen without injuring others in the process.

5. Friendly on Your Joints

Joint health is incredibly important for any athlete or casual exerciser. Your joints provide movable connections between your bones are covered with cartilage that prevents bones from rubbing against each other. When the joints are continually compressed and not stabilized, such as through too-heavy weight lifting without warming up, their surfaces can break down.

Resistance bands like those in the Gorilla Bow Lite put a lot less pressure on your joints compared to other forms of strength training. Bands use rotational and horizontal forces and do not require you to train through the exact same movements every time. 

For all of the above reasons, resistance bands can be much better on your joints.

6. Helps Reduce Back Pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is common for many people. Lower back pain can result from weak supporting muscles. By strengthening those muscles—such as the abductor muscles, glutes, and hips—you can help reduce pressure on the back. 

Resistance bands are amazing for performing exercises that work back-supportive muscles and that are hard to do with other types of equipment. At the same time, you can improve flexibility, stability, and balance while minimizing imbalances. Here are some of the best ones you can do with the Gorilla Bow:

The Gorilla Bow Lite provides the same amazing take-your-gym-with-you benefits of the original Bow—in a lighter, smaller package that we know you’ll love. Get ready to tone, tighten, and lean out anywhere with the Gorilla Bow Lite. Click here to learn more and grab yours today.