3 Great Beginner HIIT Workouts at Home

beginner at home HIIT workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most efficient ways to get a good workout in. Even better, you don’t need equipment or have to sign up for a gym membership to get your sweat on. All you need is a bit of extra space and a desire to get fit.

Getting a solid HIIT workout at home is easier than you think. Here are three great routines to help you get started, whether you’re a complete beginner or want to take your training to the next level.

1. Equipment-Free Beginner HIIT Workout

When you’re just getting started with HIIT workouts, the best place to begin is with an equipment-free workout. This type of HIIT routine uses nothing but your own bodyweight to build strength and push you to what you’re truly capable of.

man doing hiit workout at home


Before you start working out, regardless of the type of beginner HIIT workout you’re doing, you need to warm up. This loosens your muscles and makes it easier for you to perform each exercise with a full range of motion. Jog in place, walk around your living room, or walk up and down the stairs for two minutes.


The walkout works your core, glutes, and upper arms. Bend at the hip and place your palms on the mat. Then, walk your palms toward the front of your mat until you’re in a push-up position. Once you’re there, walk yourself back to the starting position and repeat ten times.

Butt Kicks

This exercise works your leg muscles and gets your heart rate up quickly. Jog in place and try to kick your butt with your heel with each stride. Do this for one minute.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers work your core, upper arms, and glutes. Get into a plank position and pull your right knee up to your chest quickly. Then, push it back and repeat on the other side. Do this for 20 reps, 10 on each side.

Jump Squats

Squats are one of the most effective ways to work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hips. The jump squat takes things one step further. Keep your feet hip-width apart, then sit back like you’re sitting on the edge of an invisible chair. Then, straighten up and push off the balls of your feet so you jump. Repeat for 20 reps.


The step-touch is a cardio recovery exercise. All you have to do is bend at your waist and the knee from side to side. With your feet hip-width apart, take a wide step to the side and touch the inside of your foot with the opposite one. Move it back and forth to repeat the process for one minute.


Burpees work the entire body. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and squat like normal. Rather than standing up, place your palms on the ground shoulder-width apart. Then, shoot your legs out behind you until you’re in a plank position. Do a push-up and jump your legs back underneath you until you’re crouching. Then, jump straight up as high as you can and repeat the process 20 times.

Repeat these moves three times or until 25 minutes have elapsed.

2. Equipment-Assisted at-Home HIIT Workout

Though bodyweight at-home HIIT workouts are great, there may come a time when you want to push yourself a bit harder. That’s where an equipment-assisted HIIT routine like this one using the Gorilla Bow can help.

man doing hiit workout with gorilla bow

High Knees

High knees are the perfect way to get your body warmed up. Run in place while trying to bring your knees up as high as you can, quickly switching between both feet. Do this for 30 seconds.

Press to Push-Up

Place the Gorilla Bow with the band behind your back just beneath your shoulder blades. Then, press the bar forward. Do this for 30 seconds. Then, drop to the ground, keeping the bow in the same position. Use the band to create added resistance as you do a push-up against it. Do this for 20 seconds.

Bent-Over Row to Archer Pull

The bent-over row works your arms, shoulders, and back. To do this move, put the band beneath the balls of your feet with your feet hip-width apart. Then, hinge at the hip, keeping your back straight and shoulders down. Pull the bow toward your chest. Repeat the move for 30 seconds.

Then, transition to the bow pull. Hold the bow like an archer would and draw the band back. Repeat for 30 seconds on each arm.

Jumping Jacks

Follow with 30 seconds of jumping jacks. Make sure to extend your arms all the way out. You want a full range of motion with each jump.


The deadlift works your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Place the resistance band beneath the balls of your feet, making sure to keep your feet at least shoulder-width apart. Holding the bow, bend through the knee and hip while keeping your arms straight, then return to starting position before straightening your back. Use your glutes to move the resistance of the bow and repeat for 30 seconds.

Glute Bridge

To perform the glute bridge, get down on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Place the bow under your feet and the band across your lap. Keep your arms at your side with your palms pressing into the floor for stability. Then, raise your butt and lift your hips until your knees, abs, chest, and shoulders form a straight line. Lower back down and repeat for 30 seconds.

Repeat these moves for 6 rounds or about 25 minutes.


Cooling down after a HIIT workout at home is essential. Set your equipment aside and march in place until you catch your breath. If you have space, walk around your house or yard until your heart rate slows.

3. The Hybrid HIIT Workout at Home

Once you start to see some progress and build your strength and endurance, you’ll want to change things up. Combine the no-equipment HIIT routine with your Gorilla Bow routine. This will give you a longer workout and challenge your muscles in different ways.

Need Inspiration?

If you’re not sure where to start with designing a HIIT workout at home, check out our workout videos for extra inspiration. Our coaches will guide you through the moves and ensure that you get a gym-quality workout without the gym. And if you need some extra motivation or want help taking your beginner HIIT workout to the next level, sign up for our membership plan.